About Forrest Lamp

Forrest Lamp was born and raised along with his 3 brothers in Venice, Florida. His love for football started at an early age as a player for Venice Vikings Pop Warner team. He played football throughout middle school and high school and continued as a four year starter at Western Kentucky University where he was honored as a team captain. During his collegiate career, he was named All Conference and was selected as an All American.

Even though Forrest devoted a great deal of time and energy making a name for himself in the sports world, he graduated with a double major in Business Management and Business Informatics with a minor in Finance. He was an extremely focused and passionate student and athlete and remains that way today.

In 2016, while attending the wedding of his Western Kentucky University quarterback Brandon Doughty, Forrest met Natosha Boden. It was an immediate connection and among all his collegiate accomplishments and milestones, meeting Natosha is the by far, greatest highlight of his college years. Forrest and Natosha were married in February 2022 and welcomed son Noah to the budding family in December of that same year.

In April 2017, all of Forrest’s hard work and determination were rewarded as he was selected as the 38th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Chargers where he played for four years before signing on as a free agent with the New Orleans Saints.

Always with an eye toward giving back and supporting his community, Forrest is an active volunteer at the Venice High School, assisting his former offensive line coach.


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